Euphotic Zone, 2020.

[Euphotic Zone]
Installation, silk, muslin, organza, 315x80 cm.
Production : Les Abattoirs’ resource center, Toulouse, FR.

    This installation was designed specifically for the windows on one side of the central corridor of the Abattoirs’ resource center, in welcoming readers and visitors with gentle and colourful lights. It was a true joy to create with natural daylight and to compose vibrating colours combinations with.
This project was part of a residency with Mélodie Bajo at the library from October 2019 to April 2020 at the invitation of Éléonore False with the support of the institut supérieur des arts de Toulouse.

    During that time Mélodie Bajo and I created a project on the living world and non-living world representations and classifications. 
I worked specifically on a research project on interior arrangements' structure.

    The euphotic zone, epipelagic zone or sunlight zone is the uppermost layer in a body of water, into which daylight penetrates in sufficient amounts to influence living organisms, especially by permitting photosynthesis. Ninety percent of marine life lives in the photic zone

Photos : Hélène Boutonnet.


Thanks to the kindness of the Library staff,
in particular Corinne Gaspari and Fabrice Raymond.